The Office and Reception Team

When you first telephone or arrive at AXS, one of the reception team will greet you and prepare the documentation for your examination. Your referral and personal details will be checked. Once the nature of the examination has been confirmed, the cost will be quoted to you and payment may be made.
Occasionally, the examination may be amended during your visit as the radiologist assesses your preliminary results. This may mean, for example, that an x-ray is recommended to accompany an ultrasound scan. This will be discussed with you and you will be told of any additional fee this may incur if you elect to proceed with it.

At the completion of your examination, you will have a receipt for any payment made. There is usually no need to wait to take your films as these are now stored on a website for your doctor or specialist to view. Occasionally, your doctor or specialist may ask you to bring "hard copy" prints of your x-rays or scans. If this is the case, just let us know and we can provide the prints (or copy them to a CD e.g. if you are travelling overseas). If your result is urgent, you may be asked to wait for the report to be typed so you can take this with you to your health provider or to the hospital. In all cases, a copy of your report is dispatched to the referring practitioner (the one who sent you here), either electronically or by fax, courier or post. 


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