Auckland X-ray Services provides a comprehensive general diagnostic imaging service to the community. The types of examinations (modalities) available are X-rays, ultrasound, and CT (or CAT) scans. We are open week days 8.30 a.m. til 5 p.m.

To access these services, you will generally need a referral form from your health professional who may be your doctor (GP or specialist), your midwife, physiotherapist, chiropractor or other allied health personnel. 

It is the responsibility of the radiologist on duty to decide whether an examination should be performed, whether or not you have a referral.  The radiologist may modify the requested examination or even substitute a different test if it is in your best (health) interests. He or she is legally responsible to prevent unnecessary examinations, particularly involving exposure to radiation.  This will be discussed with you and your referrer if applicable.

For an outline of each of the modalities, click on x-ray ,ultrasound, CT or special procedures  to read an introduction to what you may expect. The detail of each examination is unique to each patient visit and we will discuss the procedure with you when making an appointment and when you arrive for the x-ray or scan.

X-ray examinations usually take not more than 15 minutes but allow more time if multiple areas are to be x-rayed, or you have a disability, or children are involved!

Ultrasound scans are usually given 15 or 30 minute appointments, occasionally longer. Please do your best to arrive 10 minutes early. A late arrival may mean there is less time for your scan to be completed, or the scan may be rescheduled to a later time/date.

CT scan appointments are of variable length, around 15 - 30 minutes for sinus and head CTs, up to 1 hour for chest or body scans. You need to arrive 10-15 minutes before the scan for preparations to be completed.

The reason for your visit will often be because of an injury, an illness, pregnancy, a routine check after treatment, or for documentation of your health as in pre-employment or for immigration purposes. The reason will often determine how your test is funded. AXS works closely with ACC, the Ministry of Health, and with medical insurers so that the cost of your examination is either completely covered or largely subsidised, leaving you with little or nothing to pay.  

Note: If the 3rd party funder (e.g. ACC) declines to cover your fee, we will send you an invoice directly.

Where a payment is required, the amount will be quoted when you make the booking or arrive without an appointment; you may use EFT-POS (including Visa and MasterCard). You will be asked to pay any fee due at the time of your visit.


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