Your health professional has requested that you have an x-ray.

This is a brief outline of what you might expect to happen while you are here.

Once you have presented at reception, your personal details will be checked and entered into our computer system.

The radiographer will call you through to the x-ray room, introduce herself and explain the procedure. At this time, if you are pregnant, or think you could be, please tell the radiographer, as it may affect whether or not the examination goes ahead.

You may be asked to remove jewellery, and/or items of clothing which could show up on an x-ray film. (In general, anything metallic such as zips, bra hooks, hair clips, glasses, keys etc, thick seams or embroidery on clothing, and some types of buttons may show up on x-ray).

Generally, you will only be asked to remove clothing, jewellery etc. that is over the area to be x-rayed. You will be supplied with a gown if necessary.

Some types of examination may require that you remove any dental plates or dentures before x-rays are taken, as they can obscure important anatomy.

Once you are ready, the radiographer will position you and take the x-rays. You may be required to stand, sit or lie down, hold your breath for a brief time.

You will need to keep as still as possible while the x-rays are being taken. If your child is the patient, and you are not pregnant, you may be asked to assist in holding your child still for the x-rays. If this happens you will wear a lead apron to protect yourself.

After being x-rayed you will be asked to wait while the films are checked with the Radiologist (Radiology Doctor). When finished you will return to reception and wait while your films are checked and reported by the Radiologist.

The images are automatically uploaded to a secure website (centralpacs.co.nz) where they are available for viewing by your doctor, specialist etc. The doctor needs to have registered with the central pacs website to get access to images. Some doctors still like to have "hard copy" of the x-ray images. If this applies in your case, either tell us at the time or let us know afterwards, and we can arrange to have the images printed for you to collect. Another option is to have them written to a CD along with image viewing software for viewing on a PC or Mac. 

If you have any questions at any stage during your visit, don’t hesitate to ask us.


09 638 5169